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Trainings für Jugendarbeiter*innen


Soziale Innovation im ländlichen Raum - speziell für Jugendarbeiter*innen! 

"project aiming to develop social innovation and support youth initiatives in European rural areas"


Forcalquier, Frankreich (in der Nähe von Marseille)

02. Oktober-10.Oktober 2018

3 Plätze!!


Sichtbarmachen von Diskussionsprozessen - Einblicke in innovative Moderationsmöglichkeiten

"Power of Visuals / graphic facilitation"


Orvelte, Niederlande

14. November - 19. November 2018

2 Plätze!!




"F.A.T." Food. Art. Track.

Media Commun will host an exchange on "cooking" topics and "DIY art".

Starting from food, we want to reflect the cultural diversities and reinforce the European citizenship! Participants will cook together, and they will share their own taditional recipes and create a booklet to reflect their experiences. At the end of the youth exchange, the participants will prepare a dinner for the local people and create a booklet and exhibition in the place les Hauts Parleurs (Culture -  alternative food initiative place - NGO).


Toulouse, Frankreich

22.Oktober-31.Oktober 2018

4 Plätze für Teilnehmer*innen zwischen 18-25 Jahren!!


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